Pascal Laugier

Professor Pascal Laugier serves as Professor of Sorbonne University in France (merged by the former Paris Six Congresses and the former Paris Four Congresses), Grade I Researcher of the French National Research Centre (CNRS), and Director of the Six Medical Imaging Laboratories in Paris (LIP). He was awarded the Bronze Medal of CNRS in 1993, the Yves Rocard Award of the French Physical Society in 1998, the Major Innovation Award of Europe in 2001 and the Medal of the French Acoustic Society in 2009. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences, the American Society of Medical Bioengineering (AIMBE) Fellow, the American Acoustic Society (ASA) Fellow, the American Academy of Ultrasound Medicine Honorary Fellow, the American Society for Bone Mineral Research, and the European Society of Biomechanics. He is currently Deputy Editor of IEEE Trans on UFFC and editorial board of several journals including Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology and Ultrasonic Imaging. Its research mainly focuses on medical imaging and biomedical ultrasound, especially in bone quantitative ultrasound measurement, which has a deep academic attainment. His research team has successfully developed the first European bone mineral density detector and bone imaging instrument. It is a well-known scholar in this field and has a very high reputation. So far, Professor Pascal has published nearly 200 Journal papers, 320 International Conference papers, more than 700 conference abstracts, 12 invention patents, 25 monographs and chapters, and has served as chairman and vice-chairman of 15 international conferences.

Personal page:https://www.lib.upmc.fr/?page_id=294&pers_id=275