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Peking University Third Hospital

College of Engineering,Peking University

Sharing and Communicating Research Advances in Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy

Molecular imaging and minimally invasive therapy are becoming two leading research frontiers of medical development in the 21st century. Molecular imaging accomplish the visualization of precise medicine, providing new opportunities for the development of minimally invasive intervention. The continuous progress of molecular imaging and molecular biology technology are paving the way for mini/non-invasive, precise, highly efficient and personalized treatment of cancer and other diseases.
2019 MIMIT will pay special attention to the molecular imaging technologies and imaging agents including ultrasound imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging, photoacoustic imaging, PET/SPECT and other methods that elucidate molecular and cellular mechanisms and guide minimally invasive therapy. In addition, the cutting-edge technologies related to minimally invasive therapy covering minimally invasive surgery, photodynamic/sonodynamic therapy, radio-frequency/ laser/microwave/HIFU ablation for cancer therapies, radioactive particles and endoscopy, as well as their clinical applications will also be discussed.
2019 MIMIT is an event that brings together experts, active researchers and students to exchange ideas, communicate and discuss research findings on new advancements in molecular imaging and minimally invasive therapy. We sincerely hope that the scope of the conference will meet the interest of the academic and clinical communities, as well as the industry and the general public. We wish to extend a warm welcome to all participants and sponsors of the event.
Looking forward to meeting you in Beijing in 2019.
Organizing Committee

Topical Sessions

Session 1
Bioconjugate Chemistry for Imaging Probes
Session 2
Photoacoustic and Optical Imaging
Session 3
Ultrasound imaging
Session 4
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Session 5
Fluorescence Imaging Guided Surgery 
Session 6
Sonotheranostics and Nanotheranostics
Session 7
MR Imaging and Magnetic Hyperthermia 
Session 8
Minimally Invasive Therapy
Session 9
Molecular Imaging in drug discovery and Cell/Immune Therapy

Important Days

Date Event
September 15 Deadline for Abstract Submission
October 1 Poster submission deadline
October 18 Registration Deadline
October 18 Offline Registration
October 19-20 Conference Dates

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