Bernd Hamm

Bernd Hamm was born in 1953, and he is a German radiologist. His research mainly focuses on radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, contrast agents, ultrasound elastography and so on. His research has made great contributions to the development on imaging diagnosis of pathological tissues and organs. In the study of ultrasound elastography, he found that the response of healthy tissue and pathological tissue to mild pressure was different, so he developed a set of imaging methods to distinguish the normal tissue from the tumor tissue, and made a good breakthrough in the clinical treatment of arterial stenosis.
He worked as an academic research assistant at the Institute for Clinical Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology at Freien Universität Berlin. He acquired a doctorate degree in medicine in 1982. Since 2006, he has served as Director of CharitéCentrum 6 for Nuclear Medicine and Medicine Physic, Professor for Clinical Radiotherapy, President of European Congress of Radiology. And he has been awarded with the member of National Academy of Science Leopoldina, honorary member of Chinese Medical Association and honorary member of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Peking, China, and so on.

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